One low 18% flat fee

Your Home Care Package, Your Way.

We set up the services you want
& From there you’re the boss.
We set up the services you want & From there you’re the boss.

Learn how to get more from your Home Care Package!

Knowledge is Power

Hello care seeker!

Imagine choosing a Home Care Package provider where you receive the perfect balance of choice and support to live life the way you want to?

A model of care where an experienced care manager listens to your unique needs, finds the care and support services best suited to you and then gives you the freedom to manage and coordinate these services how and when you want.

This is what you get with Just Home Care Packages. A game changer where the focus is you.

Unlike other Providers that often require you to use their own staff or suppliers from a list of “preferred suppliers” we give you the freedom to choose, who you want and when you want them. That also means instead of “preferred suppliers” charging you inflated rates we get you more hours of care with the same Package funds.

With other Providers if you insist and are permitted to use other suppliers, this often comes with a set-up fee and/or surcharge for every invoice processed, both of which is charged to your package. We believe that all providers should give their clients more control and choice. We believe the funding is yours and allow you to truly choose who provides your services. Why should the limited amount of funds in your package be spent on inflated charges by suppliers? Why not allow you to use suppliers who charge a fair market price?

Continuity of care is so important, so if you are currently receiving services from someone you trust and like including services as a cleaner or gardener you should be given the option to keep their services.

As your needs change over time we believe you should have the option of unlimited contact with a team of registered nurses to ask and seek their advice at no added cost.

And guess what? This new model is also at a fraction of the cost of your traditional provider where high fees and poor customer service are usually the norm. An unheard-of flat fee of 18% with no hidden charges. The most obvious question is how can we do this for such a low fee, do we cut corners? The better question is why do others charge such outrageous fees? Do they have out of date and inefficient processes where the focus is not on you the customer?

Now don’t get us started on exit fees. What industry says “buy our service and if you are not happy and we do not deliver what we promise we will charge you a fee to leave”? This doesn’t make sense so if we don’t meet your expectations you are free to leave at no cost. Could we be any more fair? As with many things in life, knowledge is power.

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Guess What?

Get $100 of extra care for you & your friend

When you Refer a Friend to Just Home Care Packages, both you and your friend receive $100 of extra funding credited to your Home Care Package.

Extra funding for helping a friend get extra funding? It’s the best of both worlds

No Fuss

How it Works

It’s just 3 easy steps.


Sign Up With US

Want to get started? Call 1300 992 639 and our team will organise a meeting. We want to get to know you, your previous experiences and what you need, to ensure we can cater your services especially for you. 


We Set Up Your Services

With your direction, your Care Manager will set-up the local care and support services you need. That way you get the care and support you want, when you want it.


You’re The Boss

With your services ready to go it’s over to you to co-ordinate your services. Remember we are only a phone call away to help. Part-Management means you have the freedom and control to switch things up yourself as your needs change.

Watch this easy to understand video that explains our new model.

Hear from happy homes

We know you'll love Just Home Care Packages too!

Just Home Care Packages are so different to our previous Provider. Now, we are always given prompt, professional and friendly service. We also get so many extra hours of care and to choose the people who come to our home. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to family and friends. We love feeling supported to live independently.
Bob and Carol


The staff at Just Home Care Packages are the best! They always show me care, kindness and support with assistance in each process of the Home Care Package program. Being with Just Home Care Packages made things possible for my Dad and we felt supported every step of the way. Thank you to the team at Just Home Care Packages, they have made our experience 5 stars!

Daughter of Client

I couldn’t be happier with the service I receive from Just Home Care Packages. With my amazing team’s help the set-up of our care services was seamless. I now have the support I need to continue living at home independently.


The 2 Hour Guarantee

We take pride in delivering the best level of customer service in the industry. Our definition of customer service includes your care manager always promptly responding to your questions or calls for assistance.  If you believe we have not met our high standard of customer service by answering calls or emails within 2 business hours, let us know and we will not charge you a fee for the month. 

One low 18% flat fee

Why life is better with us

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Everything Home Care Package’s Handbook

Still confused about Home Care Packages? We have put together a free and handy e-book that teaches you everything you need to know.

In this e-book you’ll learn our 12 top tips for getting the most out of your Home Care Package, the most important questions to ask when you’re looking for a Provider and more.

It’s so important to have all the facts at your disposal before making a decision about your home care. With this information you will be equipped to stay living at home, on your own terms, for as long as possible.

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